Thursday, 3 August 2017

Longest living root bridge-Pynursla, Meghalaya

April 2017’ We were four persons on the way to Dawki or the Indo-Bangladesh border, Pynursla district comes on the way, from there we have taken a diversion towards right from a particular point of highway (No signage), driven around 3 Kilometers we have found a village from where we had to walk or trek towards that bridge. There is a villager who has taken us to that bridge. It is said that this bridge is the longest living root bridge in Meghalaya till now. This bridge is not very old and many people don’t know about it. This guide or villager was so helpful to us in many ways.

We trekked around half an hour to reach there, but surely the trail wasn’t easy. Somewhere there are steps and somewhere was slick. It is proved that only few explorers have been there, there is a visitor’s log maintained by the village people or Meghalaya tourism, which will tell you who all came there and when.
After reach the scene, we have found one waterfall which are floating and plunging in the middle of two mountains and this bridge connects these two mountains. It was exhilarating for us to walk, because of height and quivering of the bridge. It was written there that this bridge is around 52meters long and around 75 meters tall from its ground level.
We have spent over 3 hours there; it was tranquil and breathtaking moment for us. We had our breakfast there and had a great time. The landscape and the magnificent view were spectacular and it will be remembered for lifetime.
The keenness of explore new places or offbeat places have taken me there and I am glad that i could go there. For traveler and explorer, it’s a must go place.
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